Signature Cupcakes – $12 per dozen
Deluxe Cupcakes – $15 per dozen

Mini cheesecakes:
$15 per dozen
Plain/topped with fruit/salted carmel/peanut butter/lemon/oreo
Additional flavors upon request

Cake balls:
$10 per dozen
Any cake flavor with complimentary chocolate dip

Frosted sugar cookies:
$12 per dozen
Your choice of shape with buttercream frosting or royal icing

Homemade candies:
Prices vary
Turtles/haystacks/peanut butter balls/divinity/fudge/truffles/bark

6” two layer $15
8” two layer $25
10” two layer $35
¼ sheet cake $25
½ sheet cake $35
Add $5 to sheets for filled

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